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V2 Kit

Shown 125 CFM

Air + Hydraulic Power...One PTO

Get air and hydraulic power with one PTO with Vanair’s V2™ system. This streamline, integrated system provides up to 185 CFM of air and has an auxiliary SAE B pad to run a hydraulic pump — all underdeck. Saving valuable bed space while still leaving the vehicles hitch available for additional equipment.

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Air Compressor
Capacity (CFM) 125 160 185*
Air (PSI) 100-150 100-150 100-150
Air Compressor Input (RPM) 1330 1675 1920
Air Compressor Oil Capacity (Gal.) 3.5 3.5 3.5
Dry Weight - Mounted (Lbs.) 473-514 473-514 473-514


SAE B Pad Provision (pump sold separately)
Limited to 77 Ft. Lbs.

Compressor dimensions without fittings (In.) – 18.0 L x 11.9 W x 13.0 H

Air/fluid receiver dimensions without fittings (In.) – 21.5 L x 10.25 D

Remote air to oil cooler dimensions without fittings (In.) – 9.25 L x 26.5 W x 19.25 H

Gear box dimensions without fittings (In.) – 10.06 L x 10.0 W x 14.75 H

Product improvement is a continuing goal. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligations.

*Kit includes additional cooler.

Dimensions listed are not a complete representation of total space necessary.  Please consult Vanair for overall space and air requirements.

Air Compressor

  • Lifetime Warranty on Air End
  • 100,000 Hours Design Life
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Greater Efficiency for Lower Engine RPMs
  • Integrated Inlet Valve and Rear Discharge Provides Higher Ground Clearance
  • Made in the USA

Discharge System

  • Intank Coalescer System Provides Greater Surface Area for Increased Oil Separation
  • Coalescer is Protected from the Elements, Eliminating the Possibility of Rust or Damage from External Source
  • Less Prescribed Maintenance and Waste Oil Recovery Costs
  • Less Than 2 PPM Oil Carryover
  • Pressure Rated to 250 PSIG
  • 5 Year Warranty or 3000 Hours for Replacement on Coalescer Element Only
  • Smaller Tank Design Makes Installation Easier
  • Streamlined Fittings on the End of Tank
  • ASMA and CRN Certified

Air Filter

  • ABS plastic housing
  • Dual stage


  • Limited to 77 Ft. Lbs.


  • Capable of Cooling Up to 200 CFM at Up to 175 PSI
  • Air to Oil Heat Exchanger Driven by 12V Fan


Diagnostic Monitoring Display Includes:

  • Remote Engine Speed Control
  • Built-In Safety Features
  • Complete Startup & Shutdown Capabilities
  • Oil Temperature & Air Pressure System Checks
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance Display Assistance & Alerts
  • LCD

Vanguard™ Rotary Screw Compressor Oil

  • Full Synthetic Oil Exclusively Created for Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Flash Point: 257 °C/495 °F
  • Pour Point: -45 °C /-50 °F
  • Outstanding Thermal and Oxidative Stability
  • Reduced Oil Disposal Due to Extended Drain Intervals

Safety Equipment

  • High-Temperature Shutdown
  • High-Pressure Shutdown
  • Air Pressure-Relief Safety Valve
  • Minimum Pressure Valve
  • Automatic Blowdown on Shutdown
  • Oil Fill Plug Safety Relief

  • External, spin-on air-oil separating element
  • Dual pressure
  • Service/control line moisture separators
  • Air hoses, hose reels, and fittings
  • OSHA safety valve (velocity fuse)
  • Tool oiler/lubricator
  • Post drivers
  • Biodegradable Vanguard™ Green synthetic oil
  • Dual Pressure Option 100/150 PSI
  • Cold Weather Kit For Air Compressor - Single Pressure - (Consists of Thermal Valve & Heating Blankets for Tank & Regulator)
  • Cold Weather Kit For Air Compressor - Dual Pressure - (Consists of Thermal Valve & Heating Blankets for Tank & Regulator)
  • Air Aftercooler without Moisture Separator 125/200 CFM
  • Air Aftercooler with Moisture Separator 125/200 CFM
  • Service Airline De-Icer
  • Filter Lubricator Regulator (FLR) 1”
  • Hose Reel - for 3/4” Hose - 50’; Hose not included
  • Hose Reels: Vanair carries many different models (Call for configuration)
  • Moisture Separator (Service line)
  • OSHA Valve 132-148 CFM (Excess flow safety valve)
  • OSHA Valve 180-200 CFM (Excess flow safety valve) 3/4”
  • Tool Lubricator

US Patented

Part Description Part Number
Vanguard™ Premium Rotary Screw Oil (Four Pack) 264626-4PACK
Vanguard™ Green Biodegradable Premium Rotary Screw Oil (Four Pack - One Gal.) 264626-4GREEN
Initial 50 Hour Service Kit (Four Gal. of Vanguard™ Oil & Oil Filter) KIT1282
Vanguard™ Lifetime Warranty Service Kit (Four Gal. Vanguard™ Oil, Oil Filter and Air Filter) KIT1057-263931
Oil filter 261991
Air filter element 264266 or 263931
In-Tank coalesce 260017-001 or 272339-004
Temp switch non V-TEC 273786
V-TEC temp thermistor 266844
Pressure switch non V-TEC 262450
V-TEC transducer 267363
Relay 260246
Blowdown valve 270807
Regulator valve 262047