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Vanair’s Air N Arc® 150 All-In-One Power System® makes it easy to get those repair jobs done from the back of your truck. A service truck without on-board air, a welder and electric power is about as worthless as a backhoe without a bucket.

We are pleased to announce that effective March 18, 2013, Steve S. Sevald, will be joining Vanair Mfg. Steve will join us as Regional Sales Manager for the South Central Region for the company.

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Michigan City, Indiana, August 2012 – Vanair's innovative Air N Arc® I300 is the first system in the world to offer six forms of power in a single 48” unit. Based on the technology of the Air N Arc® 300 diesel system, it provides an integrated 40 CFM rotary screw compressor, 7kW AC generator, 300 amp welder, battery booster and battery charger, with the newly added power of a 10.5GPM hydraulic pump…all driven by a single engine.

Truck Supply & Outfitters have completed the major upgrades on Big Red.