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Utilizing the RAM®’s own engine for power, Vanair underdeck rotary screw compressor systems provide you with the exceptional power your crew needs to get the job done where and when they need it – without hauling an expensive air compressor tow-behind. Using a single PTO opening, these systems provide up to 200 CFM* of impressive air power, AC power or hydraulics, or any combination of all three. At half the cost of a tow-behind, PTO underdeck systems mount seamlessly out of sight, under the vehicle, leaving the towing hitch free for other equipment and opens up the truck bed for additional storage space.

What kind of power do you need?

Underdeck V3 Call outs

Underdeck.Standard Graphic 2



PTO Shaft Driven Air Compressor System

125-200 CFM

Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor

125-185 CFM

PTO Shaft Driven Generator

6.8-25 kW

Hydraulic Driven Generator

4-15 kW


PTO Shaft Driven Air Compressor & Generator

125-185 CFM | 6.8-25 kW


PTO Shaft Driven Air Compressor & SAE B Pump Pad

125-185 CFM


PTO Shaft Driven Air Compressor, Generator & SAE B Pump Pad

125-185 CFM | 6.6-9.6 kW