Capacitor Powered Heavy Duty Engine Starting Systems for Instantaneous Starting Power

Start your dead Class 8 engine instantly with the patented Cap•Start® Engine starting system. With 3000 amps of starting power via the Vanair Super Capacitor™ (VSC™) and 240 amps of rapid recharging technology to start multiple vehicles in swift succession, your fleet will be up and running in no time. Time is money. Why waste money, waiting on your fleet to get back on the road?

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12V & 12V/24V StartingUp to 3240 AMP Starting Capability
DC Alternator240 AMP 12V/24V DC
Cables30′ 3/0 ga.
Power SourceVanair® Super Capacitor (VSC™) and 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton® Engine
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel CapacityIntegrated 1.725 Gallon Tank
Drive SystemV-Belt

Dimensions: 21″ W x36″ D x20″ H
Weight: 295 lbs.

  • Capacitor can be recharged 500,000 times
  • Power cells are maintenance free
  • Operating temperature range from -49°F to 122°F
  • Quick disconnect red plug for plug-to-plug operation
  • Includes reverse polarity and dead start circuitry protection
  • Vanguard™ Reciprocating Compressor Oil (One Gallon)
  • Air Compressor Service Kit (Vanguard™ Oil and Air Filter)
  • Air Reservoir Tank – 14 and 28 Gallon (Underdeck Mounted Tank With Mounting Brackets)
  • Air Reservoir Tank – 20 and 30 Gallon
  • Battery Start Cables- 25’ 3/0, 30’ 3/0, 35’ 3/0
  • Battery Kit – Battery, Battery Box and 5’ Battery Cables
  • California CARB Compliance Kit – Fuel Vapor Carbon Canister
  • Filter Lubricator Regulator (FLR) 1/2”
  • Fuel Pump Kit, 12 V Solid State 3-5 PSI (Short Hoses, Barbs, Band & Bolt, Filter and Clamps)
  • Vibration Isolator Kit, 3/8” and ½”
  • Remote Condensation Drain Kit OA92937