Tough Jobs Need Serious Air Power!

When you need serious air power to get the job done quickly and efficiently, Vanair’s industry-leading PTO Underdeck Air Compressors provide you with up to 425 CFM and 150 PSI of air power. Seamlessly installed under the body on the frame rails, Vanair’s underdeck systems: are half the price of a tow-behind compressor, frees up the truck bed space for additional tools, leaves tow hitch free, allows for increased maneuverability on jobs, Tier 4F compliant, reduces ground vehicle weight (GVW), and reduces maintenance expenditures since there’s only one engine to service! PTO Driven Underdeck Systems are ideal for various applications such as: air excavation (clean, dry digging for potholing), shotcrete, daylighting, manhole relining, asphalt and paint striping, crack sealing and tacking, railroad grinding and track lifting, and various kinds of medium-duty blasting (soda, sand, CO2, etc).

Underdeck Assembly for Chassis Makes:

  • Chevrolet
  • Kenworth
  • International®
  • CV International
  • Peterbilt
  • HINO
  • Freightliner®
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Underdeck Assembly for Chassis makes - Chevrolet, ISUZU, Kenworth International®, CV International, Peterbilt, HINO, Freightliner®

Shown 425 CFM Air End & Receiver Tank

Capacity (CFM)300350375400425
Air (PSI)250100-150100-150100-125100-125
Compressor Input (RPM)24751925-19752060-20852175-22002325
Oil Capacity (Gal.) Initial Fill1010101010

Please consult Vanair® for overall space and air requirements.

Product improvement is a continuing goal. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligations.

Sullair® Air End

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Recognized Throughout the World as the Most Durable Rotary Screw Air Compressor on the Market
  • 110,000-Hour Design Life
  • Lowest Input Speeds on the Market; Lowest Input Speed = Lowest Engine RPM
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Lifetime Warranty

Receiver Tank

  • Vertical Tank with Internal Coalescer, Pressure Relief Safety Valve, and Minimum Pressure Valve

Air/Oil Separator Element

  • Optimized Compressor Performance With 3,000-Hour Air/Oil Separator Life
  • Separator Provides for Enhanced Air Quality and Reduces Operating and Maintenance Costs

Brushless Fan Compressor Oil Cooler Package with Thermal Protection

  • Brushless Motor Design for Optimal Performance
  • Industry-Leading 40,000-Hour Design Life
  • Certified IP68 Weatherproof Brushless Fan
  • Built-In Thermal Protection Eliminating the Need for Fan Relays
  • Built-In Stall Block Protection Will Shut the Unit Down if the Fan Becomes Jammed with Debris
  • Three Sizes and Designs are Available and Offers the Industry’s Best Cooling Performance


Vanair® VTEC-II® Total Electronic Control System™

  • Infinitely Variable Speed Control to Reduce Fuel, Noise, and Wear and Tear on the Engine
  • Reliable Harnesses and Simplified Wiring
  • All Harnesses are Designed and Tested in Accordance with IPC/WHMA-A-620C Standard
  • Utilizes Deutsch® Waterproof Connectors for All Connections
  • Easy Plug and Play for Faster Installs and Straightforward Diagnostics
  • Unique Torque Management for a Soft, Smooth Engagement of the PTO, Protecting the System and Driveline
  • Onboard Diagnostics and Prescribed Maintenance Intervals with Automated Reminders for the Operator
  • USB Updatable and Rugged IP67 Rated Weatherproof Display with Low Light and Bright Light Viewability
  • No Third-Party Programming Required
  • Can Also Control Either a Second PTO, the Generator, Hydraulic-Power, or Any Combination of These Three Optional Underdeck Equipment Solutions

Vanguard™ Rotary Screw Compressor Compressor Oil

  • High Quality Synthetic Blend Offering Outstanding Thermal and Oxidative Stability
  • Exhibits Excellent Demulsibility, Natural Detergency For System Cleanliness, and Robust Wear Protection For Long Compressor Life
  • Extended Drain Intervals Reduces Oil Disposal
  • Can Achieve up to 8,000 Hours of Service Life in Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Wider Operating Temperature Range
  • Effective Anti-Wear Protection
  • Good Compatibility with Most Other Compressor Oils
  • Higher Flash Point Provides Increased Safety

FailSafe® Dual Sensory Redundancy System


  •  Provides backup in case critical sensors fail
  • Virtually eliminates downtime for increased uptime
  • Seamlessly switches to back-up sensors without any interruption of the system’s operation
  • Standard on Xero™ air/oil separator tanks– optional, remote mount waterproof NEMA box
  • External, spin-on air-oil separating element
  • Dual pressure
  • Service/control line moisture separators
  • Filter/lubricator/regulator (FLR)
  • Air hoses, hose reels, and fittings
  • OSHA safety valve (velocity fuse)
  • Tool oiler/lubricator
  • Post drivers
  • Biodegradable Vanguard™ Green synthetic oil
  • Cold Weather Kit For Air Compressor – Single Pressure – (Consists of Thermal Valve & Heating Blankets for Tank & Regulator)
  • Cold Weather Kit For Air Compressor – Dual Pressure – (Consists of Thermal Valve & Heating Blankets for Tank & Regulator)
  • Air Aftercooler without Moisture Separator 125/200 CFM
  • Air Aftercooler with Moisture Separator 125/200 CFM
  • Service Airline De-Icer
  • Filter Lubricator Regulator (FLR) 1”
  • Hose Reel – for 3/4” Hose – 50’; Hose not included
  • Hose Reels: Vanair carries many different models (Call for configuration)
  • Moisture Separator (Service line)
  • OSHA Valve 132-148 CFM (Excess flow safety valve)
  • OSHA Valve 180-200 CFM (Excess flow safety valve) 3/4”
  • Tool Lubricator
  • ThermalGuard® Weather Protection Kit
  • Optical Oil Level Sensor
Part DescriptionPart Number
Every 500 Hour or Annual Compressor Maintenance KitKIT1057-263931
Every 500 Hour or Annual Compressor Maintenance KitKIT1057-264266
Every 500 Hour or Annual Compressor Maintenance KitKIT1057-264266-MAN
XERO™ Tank Every 500 Hour or Annual Compressor Maintenance KitKIT1057-MAN
Initial 50 Hour Compressor Maintenance KitKIT1282
XERO™ Tank Initial 50 Hour Compressor Maintenance KitKIT1282-MAN
Vanair® Compressor Oil Filter261991
Vanair® Compressor Air Filter Element Only263931
Vanair® Compressor Air Filter Element Only264266
4 Gallons of Vanguard™ Green Biodegradable Rotary Screw Compressor Oil264626-4GREEN
4 Gallons of Vanguard™ Premium Rotary Screw Compressor Oil264626-4PACK
Vanair® Compressor Oil Filter280099
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