For 50 years Vanair® has been trusted to provide Mobile Power Solutions® where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it. The industry demands higher dependability, greater durability, and lower life cycle cost, and we work tirelessly to get it right. Vanair leverages its engineering expertise to design and build best-in-class mobile power products to meet a variety of application and market needs. We are continually driven to evaluate new technologies and develop new products, services, and processes. Our drive to innovate is at the core of what we do. When you need it Vanair’s There.


PTO Underdeck Systems

Half the Cost of a Tow-Behind

Utilizing the truck’s own engine for power, Vanair underdeck systems provide you with the exceptional power your crew needs to get the job done where and when they need it.

Abovedeck Hydraulically Driven Air Compressors

Powerful, Reliable Air Power

Engineered to meet the most demanding applications and conditions, Vanair’s abovedeck air compressors are the Mobile Power Solution™ when truck-bed space is at a premium.

EPEQ™ - Electrified Power Equipment™

Clean, Quiet Power

EPEQ™ is a comprehensive end-to-end system of Electrified Power Equipment™ products which are powered by the ELiMENT™ Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery technology.

Engine Driven Systems

Rugged, Heavy-Duty Solutions

Vanair’s line of engine driven systems delivers rugged, heavy duty, reliable and efficient solutions to meet our customers’ compressor’s air needs.

Air N Arc® ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems®

Up to Six Forms of Power in One Unit

Featuring configurations consisting of a welder, generator, air compressor, battery booster, battery charger and hydraulic output.

Start•All Jump•Pack® Jump-Starters & Power Packs

12V Jump Starters & Power Packs

Compact, powerful, lightweight lithium-ion jump starters capable of starting up to a Class 8 truck and charging devices such as laptops.

Modular Systems

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

PowerFlex™ modular systems allow you to select just the functionality that best suits your work applications and budget.

Goodall® Engine Starting Systems

We Start Engines®

Continuing the tradition of providing leading Mobile Power Solutions, Vanair’s line of Goodall products includes jump-starting, charging and engine starting products.

Utility Mount Series

Stand-Alone Power

Tier 4 Final-compliant engine driven, utility mount, rotary screw air compressors available in sizes of 185 CFM, 210 CFM, and 260 CFM.

Drill Compressor Modules

Versatile. Rugged. Reliable.

The Vanair® Drill Compressor modules are a compact solution to limited space requirements on today’s rigs. Available in a wide range of capacities.

XCITE® Generators

Save Weight, Space, & Money

The new and improved PTO Shaft and Hydraulic Engine Driven Generators maximize the power of a truck’s engine by enabling AC power access via your truck’s PTO drive.

ETL Electric Tool Lift

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our electric tool lift is designed to eliminate the backbreaking labor of loading and unloading multiple pneumatic tools at once.