What is EPEQ®?

EPEQ® Electrified Power Equipment® is a comprehensive, end-to-end, patent pending system of zero emission and quiet products. Powered by Vanair’s EPEQ® Smart Controller, which communicates with a specifically developed line of ELiMENT® Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, EPEQ® allows you to turn off the vehicle’s engine and still run the equipment you need on the jobsite. EPEQ® is a fully self-contained and independent system that can be mounted on, or within, combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles, or even on trailers.

Why Choose the EPEQ® Electrified Power Equipment® Solution?

The EPEQ® series for clean, quiet, Mobile Power Solutions® is perfect for: all fleet industries, road construction, heavy moving equipment, mining, municipalities, oil and gas, HVAC, fire/rescue, marine, RV/recreation, crane/lifting, and light commercial vehicles. Ideal for applications such as air, electrical, fluid transfer, and welding. 

Joel Hargrave
Business Development Manager,
My Pit Crew

The “secret sauce” for our future success will be built around the EPEQ® system. It gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to provide services we wouldn’t necessarily be able to provide with a conventional gasoline setup.

Frank Wallis
Service Technician,
San Tan Ford®

The functionality of the EPEQ® system has been perfect. It’s quiet, there’s no pounding of a loud air compressor. It operates the balancer on our tire machine without issue. There aren’t any CO2 fumes insides the truck so we can safely retrieve parts. It simply ALL works; no issues!

EPEQ® Light-Duty Power Skid

EPEQ® Light Duty Electrified Power Skid

Experience the revolution of power with the all-new EPEQ® Light Duty Electrified Power Skid – a game-changer that ushers in a new era of sustainability, adaptability, and convenience.

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EPEQ® Air Compressors

When you need Clean, Quiet, Power™ with no fumes or extensive heat build-up, our four EPEQ® Air Compressors are the proven choice. EPEQ® Air Compressors are driven by highly tuned specialized permanent magnet AC (PMAC) electric motors for increased efficiency to prolong battery range. Models range from 5-45 CFM and up to 150 PSI.

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The Vanair® EPEQ® Welder is a 140A, CC stick welder that combines the flexibility of lithium-powered welding with Vanair’s long history of providing top-level welding capabilities. The ability to carry the entire welder and cables (34 lbs. total weight) right next to the equipment being worked on, makes the EPEQ® Welder extremely user-friendly for those fast repair jobs.

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EPEQ® AC Power Inverters

The EPEQ® 48V AC Power Inverter lineup includes four Pure Sine Wave inverters to fit any need. The high frequency EPEQ® 3kW inverter provides 120VAC and the 5kW inverter provides 240VAC. The 5kW inverter is stackable to achieve 10kW, 240VAC power. The low frequency EPEQ® 6kW inverter provides 120VAC/240VAC power.

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ELiMENT™ LiFePO4 Battery – (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

ELiMENT® LiFePO4 Battery – (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

The ELiMENT® LiFePO4 Battery is the “heart” and power of the EPEQ® system and designed to fit in compact spaces, including a service body side-pack or van shelving package, are easily mounted, and include quick connect plugs for ease of installation and relocation.

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EPEQ® Smart Controller

The EPEQ® system is controlled by the EPEQ® Smart Controller which has proprietary software designed to intelligently monitor and control all EPEQ® system components.

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EPEQ IM Idle Mitigation

EPEQ® IM Idle Management

EPEQ® IM automatically stops and starts your vehicle’s engine while continually operating the vehicle’s HVAC and accessories. The idle management system is the ideal economical solution for fleets with demanding electrical needs as well as for simple idle reduction for fuel and maintenance savings. EPEQ® IM allows the user to operate combustion engine vehicles, while reducing carbon emissions. A great option for those looking to save on fuel, cut engine maintenance, and reduce chassis workload.

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EPEQ® EV Charger

EPEQ® EV Charger- Level 2

Charge electric vehicles when away from a permanent mount EV charger with our portable EPEQ® Level 2 EV Charger.

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EPEQ® PTO Underdeck Electric Driven Compressor

The Vanair® EPEQ® PTO Underdeck package gives you all the features, benefits, and quality in the latest Vanair® underdeck compressors, but is now operated via the ELiMENT® Battery pack. The self-contained 400V ELiMENT® Battery allows you to operate the 160 CFM (dual pressure) underdeck compressor on any vehicle and can be mounted in any configuration.

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EPEQ EPTO Hydraulic Power


Now, you can power your hydraulic crane, boom truck, and other hydraulic operated components using our EPEQ® power system and ELiMENT® Battery. This new way to operate hydraulic components is the best fit for electric vehicles and vehicles that do not have a traditional power take off (PTO) setup, or in instances when you want to power hydraulics with the vehicle off.

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DC-DC Converters for Auxiliary Power



Provides power when the vehicle is off for emergency lighting.

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Charging Methods

The EPEQ® system operates at 48V rather than the standard 12V vehicle charge system, a 48V power source, or a converter, must be used to transform from 12V to 48V power or you can use shore power.

EPEQ® DC-DC CONVERTER – 12V to 48V, available in 20A or 30A

The EPEQ® DC-DC Converter, easily converts 12V input to 48V output to charge the ELiMENT® Battery, available in 30A output. Recharges the battery back while driving.

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EPEQ® Shore Power

Shore Power – 120VAC.

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EPEQ® Alternators and Regulators

The EPEQ® Alternator and Regulator is the perfect addition to charge your ELiMENT® Battery under hood within 1-2 hours. By adding the EPEQ® alternator, your EPEQ® system stays charged with no user interaction.

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Kit Specifications

Light Duty/ Service and Maintenance Vehicle

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Medium Duty Service Vehicle

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Roadside Vehicle Assistance

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Field Service with Crane Operation

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