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The ELiMENT® Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery is the “heart” and power of the EPEQ® Electrified Power Equipment® product lineup. Powered by the Vanair® EPEQ® Smart Controller which contains proprietary software designed to intelligently monitor and control all EPEQ® system components. Specifically each component can communicate to the display allowing the user to make priority decisions to manage the load applied to the ELiMENT® Battery. The loads allowed to draw on the battery can be adjusted based on factors such as: temperature, heat build-up, duty cycle, assigned function priorities, and power remaining.

ELiMENT® batteries are designed to fit in compact spaces, such as: tool cabinets, van shelving units, and service body side-packs. Also, they are easily mounted and include quick connect plugs for ease of installation and relocation.

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ELiMENT™ LiFePO4 Battery


  • ELiMENT® batteries have a high energy density and offers vast improvement in capacity, weight, and shelf life over AGM and standard lithium-ion batteries.
  • ELiMENT® batteries are long lasting and provide full amperage output, even at 10% remaining battery life.
  • Can be fully cycled at least 5,000 times with impressive 5-7 year lifespan.
  • Fully charges in as little as 1.5 hours and requires zero maintenance.
  • Each ELiMENT® Battery comes with its own Battery Management System (BMS) to protect against over current, over/under voltage, and over temperature by monitoring the state of the battery cells.
  • Nontoxic and doesn’t give off hazardous fumes making them safe to use and safe for the environment.

ELiMENT® Battery:

  • Capacity: 100 Ah
  • Voltage: 48
  • Cycles: 5,000
  • Material: Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Size: 13.38” L x 12.5“ W x 11.8“ H with Handles
  • Weight: 107 lbs. 
  • Protections:
    • Over-Current and Short-Circuit
    • Over-Charge and Over-Discharge
    • Over-Temperature and Under-Temperature
  • EPEQ® Battery Management System

EPEQ® Smart Controller:

  • LED Display with Anti-Glare Coating
  • IP67 Rated
  • Reads and Reports:
    • State of Charge
    • Charge/  Discharge Rates and Cycles
    • Cell Voltage Levels
    • Battery Temperature
  • Faults and Warnings:
    • Over-Charge and Over-Discharge
    • Over-Temperature and Under-Temperature
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