For 50 years, Vanair® has worked toward one goal – being the industry leader in Mobile Power Solutions. During that time, it has been an honor to collaborate with a multitude of companies to engineer products that deliver a true performance edge. Today, from our facilities in Michigan City, Indiana, Vanair® offers the world’s most comprehensive product line of mobile power solutions:

  • Vehicle-mounted air compressors
  • Generators
  • Welders
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrified Power Equipment™
  • Chargers/ boosters
  • Engine starters
  • Custom mobile power equipment

An Innovative Idea in Mobile Power Solutions®

Vanair® began with an idea to do it better. In 1972, Vanair® Manufacturing began as Sullair PTO®, a division of Sullair® Corporation. It was there that a new product and industry were born. The product was the vehicle-mounted 185 CFM underdeck rotary screw air compressor. Its revolutionary design integrated the components of a tow behind rotary screw compressor onto a truck vehicle’s frame and utilized the truck’s engine to drive the compressor via the power takeoff (PTO). This innovative mobile power system eliminated the need for a separate engine driven, tow behind compressor. The advantages quickly impacted the mobile power industry by freeing up the vehicle’s hitch, saving weight, increasing valuable bed space, reducing maintenance and insurance costs, and increasing mobility. That engineering-focus and innovative spirit continues today and has led to multiple Vanair® exclusive mobile power solutions:

  • Protect•All® Safety Technology
  • Vanair® Super Capacitor (VSC)
  • UltraLife™ Air/ Oil Separator Element
  • ThermalGuard™ Weather Protection Kit- patent pending
  • Optical Oil Level Sensor
  • FailSafe™ Dual Sensory Redundancy System- patent pending
  • V-Tec® II Total Control Electronic System
  • ELiMENT™ Battery- patent pending


The Future of Mobile Power Solutions®

Vanair® has a straightforward goal– to be your Mobile Power Solutions® provider. We are an engineering-driven company known for our problem-solving capabilities to exceed expectations, drive uptime, and deliver unparalleled performance. Listening to the marketplace, utilizing our experienced team and extensive facilities, finding solutions to your challenges, providing the products that meet your needs – that’s Vanair.

Where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it – Vanair’s there.