Vanair® Exclusive Underdeck Innovation

There’s No Time for Downtime

Vanair® Exclusive Innovations

Vanair® exclusive underdeck innovations provide lifelong cost savings. While others lowball the purchase price, you lose that savings because of the expense from increased downtime, more maintenance, and lowered productivity.

The Vanair® PTO Underdeck System’s patent-pending XERO™ Rapid Blow Down Tank System is standard on all systems and delivers the fastest restart in the industry! The XERO™ Tank provides near instant blow down time for immediate compressor disengagement/reengagement, while simultaneously allowing for complete out-of-level operation. This innovative tank design does not require operators to wait until the system has completely blown down and allows them to start and stop the system in succession without oil carryover issues. Additionally, the XERO™ Tank provides up to 15% angle of operation from side-to-side or front to back.

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