Utilizing the truck’s own engine for power, Vanair® underdeck rotary screw compressor systems provide you with the exceptional power your crew needs to get the job done – where and when they need it – without hauling an expensive air compressor tow-behind. Using a single PTO opening and utilizing the truck’s own engine for power, these systems provide up to 1000 CFM* of impressive air power, AC power or hydraulics, or any combination of all three. At half the cost of a tow-behind, these assemblies mount seamlessly out of sight, under the vehicle, leaving the towing hitch free for other equipment and opens up the truck bed for additional storage space. Vanair® systems support a wide variety of field applications, including pneumatic tools for post pounding, pipe fusion, sewer relining and gas line charging.

PTO Shaft Driven Air Compressor System – 60 to 425 CFM

When you need Air Power to Go™, rely on Vanair’s line of powerful, compact, truck-mounted underdeck PTO shaft driven air compressors. At half the cost of tow-behinds, our compressors deliver a powerful 60 – 1000 CFM of air combined with features and benefits that blow away the competition.

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Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor System – 60 to 185 CFM

Lightweight, space saving, and cost effective, Vanair’s hydraulically-driven underdeck air compressor systems are ideal for vehicles that already have a built-in hydraulic system.

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Genair® Rotary Screw Air Compressor/Generator System – 125 to 185 CFM

Vanair’s Genair® is an integratd rotary screw air compressor and weatherproof generator. Providing up to 185 CFM of air power and 9.6 kW of AC power. Eliminating the need for separate engine-drive air compressors, generators or power inverters, the Genair® is easily mounted to the truck’s frame rail. The Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled (TEFC) generator has a high protection degree against dirt, grime and salt and is the ideal choice for harsh environments.

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V2™ Multi-Drive Air Compressor/Hydraulic Pump Pad System

Get air and hydraulic power with one PTO with Vanair’s V2™ system. This streamline, integrated system provides up to 185 CFM of air and has an auxiliary SAE B pad to run a hydraulic pump — all underdeck. Saving valuable bed space while still leaving the vehicles hitch available for additional equipment.

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V3™ Multi-Drive Air Compressor/ AC Generator/ Hydraulic Pump Pad System

The V3™ Multi-Drive System™ combines Vanair’s patented Genair® system, which consists of a 125 – 185 CFM air compressor and a 6.6 or 9.6 kW weatherproof AC generator with a SAE B pad provision in a single integrated unit. A completely contained underdeck within the truck’s rails, the V3™ replaces the need for: separate engine driven air compressors, generators, power inverters, or separate hydraulic pumps. This breakthrough technology provides access to air, ac power and hydraulics through a single PTO opening and is available with the Vanguard™ lifetime warranty on the air end.

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XCITE® Generators

Save weight, space, and money with Vanair’s Underdeck Generator – an underdeck unit that offers the power of a 6,000 to 25,000-watt AC generator. This innovative unit – developed by Vanair® over two decades ago – maximizes the power of your engine by enabling you to access AC power via your truck’s PTO drive. Ideal for: plastic pipe fusion, night lighting, pumps, heaters, power outages, and pipe line relining equipment in the most remote locations. No need to tow a separate generator.

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Vanguard™ Premium Rotary Screw Compressor Oil

Vanguard™ Oil

The Vanguard™ Oil collection by Vanair® is a high-performance lubricant designed primarily for compressors operating in difficult applications. Formulated with premium base stocks and performance additives, this lubricant will provide resistance to breakdown, excellent wear protection and wide temperature performance, even in adverse ambient conditions.

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