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Empower your workday with the Air N Arc® 330 Diesel ALL-IN-ONE Power System®, boasting cutting-edge Lincoln Electric® welding technology. This advanced system redefines versatility, efficiency, and reliability. It seamlessly integrates air, welding, engine starting, and AC power capabilities to boost productivity, optimize bed space, and reduce weight while ensuring convenience and safety through a single control panel. With the Air N Arc® ALL-IN-ONE Power System® you’re ready for any workday challenge.

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Air Compressor, Generator, Welder, Battery Boost, Battery Charge
Engine:24.8HP Kubota® D902-E4B
Air Compressor: Rotary Screw, 40 CFM @ 150 PSI, Up to 175 PSI; 60 CFM @ 100 PSI, Up to 175 PSI
Generator: Lincoln Electric® AC Brushed Generator, 10kW Continuous Output, 120/240V, 60Hz
Welder: Lincoln Electric® DC Multi-Process Arc Welder CC (Stick, Gouging, and TIG): 35-330A, CV (MIG and FCAW): 14-40V
Battery Boost/Charge: 330A, 12V/24V Boost; 50A, 12V-24V-48V Charge
Drive System: Belt Driven Compressor, Direct Driven Generator and Welder
Chassis Charge Back: Up to 150A
Fuel Capacity: 11 Gal. with Bolt-On Frame Option

Air N Arc® 330 Diesel Unit Dimensions:
Footprint (In.): 47.5 L x 21.4 W x 25.6 H
With Fittings (In.): 48.2 L x 21.9 W x 27 H
Dry Weight (Lbs.): 750

Vanair® reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.

Vanair®, the Vanair® logo and MOBILE POWER SOLUTIONS® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Vanair® Manufacturing, Inc., Michigan City, IN, USA. LINCOLN ELECTRIC® and the Stacked Oval Logo are registered trademarks of The Lincoln Electric® Company and its related companies.

  • 052281 — Air N Arc® 330 Diesel – Welder, Generator, 60 CFM Compressor, Jump Starter, Cold Weather Kit, (Chassis Fuel, Chassis Battery)
  • 052282 — Air N Arc® 330 Diesel – Welder, Generator, 40 CFM Compressor, Jump Starter, Cold Weather Kit, (Chassis Fuel, Chassis Battery)


  • Direct Coupled Generator and Heavy Duty Belt Drive System for Compressor
  • Machine Mounted or Remote Mount Control Panel for the Ultimate in User Convenience
  • Fuel System Integrated with the Chassis
  • Latched Access Hood Panels with Lift-off Hinges
  • Designed for Easy Maintenance
  • 2-Point Lift Bail
  • Will Mount on Side Pack or Behind Cab
  • Powder Coated Galvannealed Steel Sheet Metal
  • Brushless Electric Cooling Fan
  • Vanair® High Brightness LCD Display
  • Electronic Inlet Control for Smooth and Accurate Pressure Regulation
  • Multiple Exhaust Configurations; Top and Rear


  • 47.5 L x 21.4 W x 25.6 H (in.) Footprint
  • 48.2 L x 21.9 W x 27 H (in.) With Fittings
  • 750 lbs. Dry Weight


  • Vanair® Rotary Screw Compressor for Air-On-Demand
  • 40 CFM @ 150 PSI, Up to 175 PSI
  • 60 CFM @ 100 PSI, Up to 175 PSI
  • Separate Receiver Tank Assembly
  • Made in the USA


  • Lincoln Electric® Welder
  • DC Multi-Process Arc Welder with Chopper Technology®
    – CC (Stick, Gouging, and TIG) 35-330 Amps
    – CV (MIG & FCAW) 14-40V


  • Lincoln Electric® AC Generator
  • 10kW Continuous Output, 120/240V, 60Hz
  • Single Phase
  • AC, Brushed Generator
  • Smooth Output for Minimal Distortion


  • 330A, 12V/24V Boost
  • 50A 12V-24V-48V Charge


  • Up to 150A


  • Machine Mounted or Remote Mounted
  • 4.3” Electronic LCD Display with Pushbuttons
  • Bright Light Visibility
  • Dual 120V, GFCI Receptacles
  • Single 240V, 50A Receptacle
  • Selector Knob for Easy Menu Navigation and Setting Adjustment, and Mode Selection
  • Ignition Switch


  • Integrated 12V Weather Package
  • 120V Engine Block Heater (Optional)


  • 24.8HP Kubota® D902-E4B Water Cooled Diesel Engine:
    – High Idle: 3600
    – Low Idle: 2000
  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • Tier 4F Emission Compliant


  • 240V Receptacle for Plug-In Vanair® EPEQ® Portable Level 2 Charger
  • Lincoln Electric® Accessories- Including TIG, Spool Gun, and Suitcase Welders Including the LN25X
  • Welding Cables – 25’, 50’
  • Welding Helmet with Auto Darkening Lens
  • Battery Booster Cables
  • Cable Extensions
  • Remote Fuel Tank
  • Remote Air Tank
  • Remote Condensation Drain
  • Welding Rods
  • 120V Engine Block Heater
  • 3kW Inverter
  • Instrument Panel Cover
  • Machine Cover
  • Maintenance Kits
  • 240V GFCI Kit
  • Bolt-On Frame Kit
  • EPEQ® EPTO Hydraulic System Kit
  • EPEQ® Portable EV Charger
Every 500 Hour or Annual Compressor Maintenance KitKIT1501
Initial 50 Hour Compressor Maintenance KitKIT1505
KUBOTA® D902 Every 200 Hour or Annual Engine Maintenance Kit For Air N Arc® 330DKIT1518
KUBOTA® D902 Every 200 Hour or Annual Engine Maintenance Kit For Air N Arc® 330D W/ BOFKIT1519
Vanair® Spin-On Air/Oil Separator264470
Vanair® Compressor Oil Filter266801
Compressor Air Filter Replacement Element Only280661-1
KUBOTA® Inline Fuel Filter280724
Vanair® Compressor/Engine Air Filter Element Only276688-002
KUBOTA® Spin-On Fuel Filter EN273303-01
1 Gallon of Vanguard™ High Pressure Rotary Crew Compressor Oil275691-1GAL
KUBOTA® Oil Filter EN38480
Optional Weld Cable Set 25′ 033020-25
Optional Weld Cabe Set 50′033020-50
INVERTER3000LF, 12VDC282905
Battery Boost Cables, 2 Gauge With Quick Connect Ends, 25ftMA269938
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