One Unit, One PTO – All the Air and Water You Need for CAFs!

The U.S.A. made, Vanair patented, Aqua•Air™ combines a PTO driven air compressor with a water pump in a single streamlined unit designed to be mounted underneath the chassis, which is ideal for Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). Aqua•Air™ eliminates belts or pulleys usually associated with air and water pump underdeck configurations. These configurations also offer a superior truck weight reduction. Underdeck mounting increases valuable abovedeck mounted space for other equipment and tools. The Aqua•Air™ Air Compressor with Water Pump can produce air up to 185 CFM and 150 PSI and allows for pumping capability.

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CFM Rating (CFM)Air Pressure (PSI)Pump HP
Up to 185 CFMUp to 150 PSILimited to 18HP

Aqua-Air™ Air End Unit Dimensions with fittings (In.) – 26L x 14.5W x 13H

Dimensions listed are not a complete representation of total space necessary. Please consult Vanair for overall space and air requirements.

Dry Weight (Lbs.) – 243


  • Replaces Outdated Designs with Built-In Thermal Valve, Temperature Thermistor, Pressure Relief Valve, Single and Dual Pressure Regulators, Oil Filter Assembly, and Ultrasonic Oil Level Sensor Option
  • Integrates the Components and Manifold Into the Tank for Faster Installation Plus More Dependable and Efficient Performance with Less Maintenance
  • JIC and O-Ring Fittings for Connecting Points That Reduces Leak Points by Over 60%
  • Sensors Can be Remotely Mounted in a Weatherproof Enclosure for Protection From the Environment
  • Assured Anti-Static Grounding System AIR/OIL SEPARATION – NEW ULTRALIFE®
  • Innovative Design Offers the Lowest Cost of Ownership in the Industry
  • Six Times More Life Than the Nearest Competitor’s Spin-On Coalescer Element
  • 15 Times More Life Than an Underhood Design Means the Coalescer Will Last Longer Than the Life Cycle of Your Vehicle
  • Sensors Can be Remotely Mounted in a Weatherproof Enclosure for Protection From the Environment
  • Assured Anti-Static Grounding system


  • Infinitely Variable to Reduce Fuel, Noise, and Wear and Tear on the Engine
  • Reliable Harnesses and Simplified Wiring
  • All Harnesses are Designed and Tested in Accordance with IPC/WHMA-A-620C Standard
  • Utilizes Deutsch Waterproof Connectors for All Connections
  • Easy Plug and Play for Faster Installs and Straightforward Diagnostics
  • Unique Torque Management for a Soft, Smooth Engagement of the PTO, Protecting the System and Driveline
  • Onboard Diagnostics and Prescribed Maintenance Intervals
  • USB Updatable and Rugged IP67 Rated Weatherproof Display with Low-Light and Bright Light Viewability


  • New Brushless Design with Thermal Protection
  • Industry-Leading 40,000 Hour Design Life
  • Certified IP68 Weatherproof Brushless Fan with Built-In Thermal Protection Eliminates the Need for Fan Relays


  • Sullair® Air End
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 110,000 Hour Design Life
  • Lowest Input Speeds on the Market
  • Over 18 Standard Gear Ratios Available for Greater Efficiency for Lower Horsepower Requirements and Noise Reduction
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Integrated Inlet Control Valve


  • Oil – Vanguard Oil
  • High Temperature Shutdown
  • High Pressure Shut Down
  • Air Pressure Relief Safety Valve
  • Minimum Pressure Orfice
  • Automatic Blowdown on Shutdown
  • Oil Fill Plug Safety Relief
  • Patented FailSafe™ Dual Sensor Redundancy System
  • Patent Pending ThermalGuard™ Weather Protection Kit
  • Optical Oil Level Sensor
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