Capacitor Powered Heavy Duty Engine Starting Systems for Instantaneous Starting Power

The Cap•Start® comes in a convenient vehicle-mount package that is powered by Vanair’s Super Capacitor™ and (2) group 31 ACM batteries. The Cap•Start® 1500 is capable of being mounted in the rear of a pickup truck or between the side packs of a service vehicle to provide countless jump starts. The Cap•Start® 1500 is available with cables, battery box and batteries.

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Power SourceSuper Capacitor™ & (2) Group 31 AGM Batteries
Jump Starting24 volt
Cables26′ 4/0 ga.
Clamps1,000 AMP Full Power

Dimensions: 44″ W x 20″ D x 14″ H
Weight: 309 lbs.

  • Capacitor can be recharged 500,000 times
  • Power cells are maintenance free
  • Operating temperature range from -49°F to 122°F
  • Quick disconnect red plug for plug-to-plug operation
  • Includes reverse polarity and dead start circuitry protection
  • Replacement Powercells, 24 V
  • Vanguard™ Reciprocating Compressor Oil (One Gallon)
  • Air Compressor Service Kit (Vanguard™ Oil and Air Filter)
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