How many vehicles will you start a day?
The "S" Factors
Start•All Jump•Pack® 10,000A

Start•All Lithium-Ion Jump•Pack®

The new Start•All Jump•Pack® series are compact, powerful, lightweight, lithium-ion cobalt jump starters. The innovative unit instantly starts up to a Class 8 Truck and off-road equipment. The units also feature a personal power bank to keep all your electronics charged such as cell phones, smart watches, computers, and speakers.

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Cap•Start® 3000 AMP - 240 AMP Alternator

Cap•Start® Engine Starting and Jump-Starting Systems

Do you have extreme jump starting needs? Vanair’s patented Cap•Start® systems are designed to start heavy-duty 12V and 24V vehicles instantly. Thirty heavy-duty dozers in below–zero temperatures? Twenty transit buses on a bone chilling morning? The Cap•Start® generates up to 3000 amps to jump start just about anything quickly and safely, regardless of temperature and vehicle size.

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Boost•All® 12/24V

Boost•All® Portable Jump-Starting Solutions

A jump starting solution for repair shops, parking lots and garages. While not designed for continuous jump starts, the Boost•All® offers economy without skimping on quality. This unit provides 12/24V, battery powered jump starting in a narrow, 20” wide portable unit which makes maneuvering between rows of parked vehicles a snap.

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Super Boost•All® with Protect•All Technology

Super Boost•All® 12/24V with Protect•All® Technology

Super Boost•All®, with Protect•All® Safety Technology, is designed to be mounted on your service vehicle with 2 or 4 auxiliary jump starting batteries to start 12 or 24 volt vehicles. The auxiliary batteries are charged from the service vehicles electrical system through the internally mounted battery separator.

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Antizap™ Permanent Mount and Clamp-On Units


The Antizap™ surge protector provides protection for delicate electronics against transient voltage spikes or voltage surges. Eliminates the need to disconnect the battery from the terminal while welding.

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14-252 Clamp to Clamp Cables

Cable Products

Cable products to fit any job.

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