In 1972, Vanair® invented the PTO shaft-driven, vehicle mounted, rotary screw air compressors. Today, we continue to advance the industry with our newly-designed underdeck power system. The innovative features we’ve developed, include:

Patent Pending FailSafe Dual Sensor Redundancy System

Dual temperature and pressure sensors act as a backup for seamless and continuous operation in the event of primary sensor failure. Also offered is the remote mount, weather protected sensor manifold option for the most severe operating environments.

Patent Pending ThermalGuard Weather Protection Kit

Uses warm vehicle engine coolant to preheat compressor oil and regulators(s) to prevent oil-starvation and freeze-ups while aiding in the elimination of moisture.

UltraLife 6000 Hour Air/Oil Separator Element

Engineered to deliver 6 times more life than the nearest competitor’s obsolete limited-life spin-on coalescer element and 15 times more life than underhood models for the lowest cost of ownership.

Advanced Separation Tank

Includes integrated manifolds with built-in thermal valve, temperature and pressure sensors, pressure relief valve, minimum pressure valve, oil filter assembly, and regulators for more reliable operation while reducing leak points by over 60% — providing for a faster installation. The tank also features an Ultra-Sonic oil level sensor option.

Redesigned V-TEC® II Display and Compressor Control System

Requires NO third-party engine programming and includes infinitely variable engine speed control, complete diagnosis and fault logging with a low profile weatherproof display and simplified plug-and-play wiring harness for easy installation.

New Brushless Fan Cooler Package

The only manufacturer offering a standard Certified IP68 weatherproof brushless fan with built-in thermal protection which eliminates fan relays while providing an industry-leading 40,000 hour design life.

No other manufacturer offers these advanced technologies, ensuring the highest reliability and lowest life cycle cost for your fleet. These innovative features, plus the weight and space reduction, ease of use, and greater mobility you’ve come to expect from the Vanair® underdeck PTO make it the perfect choice for increased uptime.

To find out more about the new Vanair® Underdeck PTO Air Compressor or to arrange a demonstration, please call us at 800-526-8817.