Battle Hardened and Field Proven Custom Engineered Solutions

Vanair® Defense Systems stands for excellence in engineering innovation, service, and partnership in support of National Defense initiatives. We provide armed forces with innovative products, components, and competent support for operations around the world. We are a division of Vanair® specializing in the manufacturing of vehicle-mounted air compressor systems, generators, welders, Electrified Power Equipment™, and hydro pneumatic consumed off the shelf (COTS) products. Our COTS products are specifically designed to easily install and interoperate with existing system components. We identify and fill capability gaps in specialized military applications.

Battle Hardened Products

Vanair® Defense Systems Manufacturers Power Pack Systems for:

  • Common 22 Shop Set– Trailer Mounted Tool Carrier Common 22 Power Unit- 35 CFM @ 100 PSI Air Compressor with 4kW Generator
  • Common 32 Shop Set– Container Mounted Maintenance Facility with Common 32 Power Unit- 35 CFM @ 100 PSI Air Compressor with 4kW Generator
  • LUPO– Lube Skid Mounted Power Unit- 35 CFM @ 100 PSI Air Compressor with 4kW Generator
  • MCSET– Tire Service Power Unit- 35 CFM @ 100 PSI Air Compressor with 4kW Generator

Component Supplier for:

  • Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS)
  • Ride Height Adjustment
  • Air Brake Systems
  • Buffalo RCP Vehicle – providing high-pressure air (200 CFM @ 175 PSI) to search, excavate, and identify improvised explosive devices (IEDs) during route clearing
  • Adaptive Basing Trailer for the United States Air Force – provides support and maintenance for fighter aircrafts in austere settings
  • Tactical Products

“As I look back on all the success stories and accomplishments that I have been involved in supporting the war fighters and saving lives, Vanair® comes to mind immediately. Thank you for your professionalism, your high level of customer service, your caring concern, and attention you have provided and the impact it has made. I truly believe that you are focused on the war fighter that relies on your systems to help prevent the death of our fellow Americans and allies.”

— Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC Retired

“I work daily with units that clear routes for coalition forces and your products make it a lot easier!”

— Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

“I worry about a lot of what I deal with as regards getting Marines the tools and parts they need to do their job and come home safely to their families. I know those Marines. They’re my family and I take my obligations to them very seriously. One thing I don’t worry about is whether Vanair® is doing what they can to give us good gear to make that obligation a reality. I’m very thankful we do business with you because of your commitment. I’d bet many Vanair® folks have folks in the military or have been in the military. If I’m wrong, I’d be very surprised. Just freakin’ outstanding!”

— CWO4, USMC Retired