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12/24V Start•All Jump•Pack®

Start•All Jump•Pack® Systems

Jump Your Vehicles — Charge Your Devices. The Start•All Jump•Pack® series is available in 2500 Amp, 5000 Amp, and 10,000 Amp. The compact, powerful, and lightweight jump-starters weigh between 4 lbs. and 18.5 lbs. These innovative units instantly start up to a Class 8 truck, off-road equipment, and large heavy-duty 16-liter commercial grade diesel engines. Available in 12V and 12/24V systems, these handheld units are easy to use and store, making them the ideal engine starting device.

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EPEQ® EV Charging System

Charge electric vehicles when away from a permanent mount EV charger with our portable EPEQ® Level 2 EV Charging System.

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Cap•Start® 3000 AMP – 240 AMP Alternator

Start your dead Class 8 engine instantly with the patented Cap•Start® Engine starting system. With 3000 amps of starting power via the Vanair Super Capacitor™ and 240 amps of rapid recharging technology to start multiple vehicles in swift succession, your fleet will be up and running in no time. Time is money. Why waste money, waiting on your fleet to get back on the road?

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Super Boost•All® 12/24V with Protect•All® Safety Technology

Super Boost•All®, with Protect•All® Safety Technology, is designed to be mounted on your service vehicle with 2 or 4 auxiliary jump starting batteries to start 12 or 24 volt vehicles. The auxiliary batteries are charged from the service vehicles electrical system through the internally mounted battery separator.

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Boost•All® 12/24V

A jump starting solution for repair shops, parking lots and garages. While not designed for continuous jump starts, the Boost•All® offers economy without skimping on quality. This unit provides 12/24V, battery powered jump starting in a narrow, 20” wide portable unit which makes maneuvering between rows of parked vehicles a snap.

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The Vanair® EPEQ® Welder is a 140A, CC stick welder that combines the flexibility of lithium-powered welding with Vanair’s long history of providing top-level welding capabilities. The ability to carry the entire welder and cables (34 lbs. total weight) right next to the equipment being worked on, makes the EPEQ® Welder extremely user-friendly for those fast repair jobs.

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