Compressed Air Foam System

The patented Vanair® Triton is a vehicle transportable Compressed Air Foam System configured to be powered by your vehicles underdeck PTO or engine-driven rotary screw air compressor. The Triton can effectively turn your crew-truck into a firefighting brush truck. The Triton is fully scalable and can be configured with tanks ranging from 50 -1000 gallons, and is only limited by your vehicle’s GVW and payload capabilities. The system is easily mounted during high-risk fire seasons and removable for storage in off peak seasons. The system can be hydrant filled or with a simple garden hose.

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  • Water Capacity: 50-1000 gallons
  • Projection Distance: up to 100 ft.
  • Standard Hose: 100 ft. 1 inch flat lay
  • Standard Bail/Nozzle: 1.5” Elkhart Brass® Phantom selectable gallonage
  • Foam Delivery: Eductor with Metering Valve
  • Water Level Gauge
  • 12 V Electronic Control Panel
    • Arm/Charge/Water/Refill/Vent
  • EZ Trailer Brake Power Connection
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