Vanair® Exclusive Underdeck Innovation

There’s No Time for Downtime

Vanair® Exclusive Innovations

Vanair® exclusive underdeck innovations provide lifelong cost savings. While others lowball the purchase price, you lose that savings because of the expense from increased downtime, more maintenance, and lowered productivity.

The Vanair® PTO Underdeck System’s patent-pending UltraLife® Air/Oil Separator Element delivers six times more life than the nearest competitor and 15 times more life than any other underhood!

What does this mean? It means that Vanair’s exclusive and innovative UltraLife® Air/Oil Separator Element design offers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry!

  • 6 times more life than the nearest competitor’s spin-on coalescer element.
  • 15 times more life than an underhood design means the coalescer will last longer than the life cycle of your vehicle.
  • Assured anti-static grounding system.
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