Tier 4 Final-Compliant Utility Mount Air Compressor

Vanair® is pleased to offer our customers an industry-leading V210-UT Utility Mount Air Compressor that is a Tier 4 Final-compliant engine driven, utility mount, rotary screw air compressor in 210 CFM at up to 150 PSI. This stand-alone machine, which is typically cross-mounted along the bulkhead of the vehicle’s body, is equipped with a waterproof eye level, curbside digital control panel for easy accessibility. The corrosion resistant canopy has fork pockets and a balanced single point lifting bail for easy installation and removal.

Vanair® V210-UT Utility Mount Air Compressor on Truck
Rated Delivery (CFM)210
Rated Operating Pressure (PSI)100/150
Fuel Capacity (gal.)25
Auxiliary A-Pad40 HP @ 2400 RPM (Auxiliary A-Pad cannot be run at the same time as the compressor at full load).
Dimensions (In.)80L x 36W x 58H
Dry Weight (Lbs.)2,550
  • 051657 — V210-UT – 210/150 T4F JD4045, 25-Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 051712 — V210-UT – 210/150 T4F JD4045, No Fuel
  • Curbside Serviceability
  • Large, 108mm Diameter Rotary Screw Air End (127mm for V260-UT)
  • Automatic 0 to 100% Capacity Control
  • Two Stage Dry Type Air Filter – External Access
  • Two 3/4” Service Connections
  • Oil Level Sight Gauge
  • John Deere® Engine
  • Steel Fuel Tank
  • Side by Side Coolers for Compressor and Engine
  • Compact Size for Truck Mounting
  • Curbside Fuel Fill & Air Filter Access
  • Noise Level Limited to Maximum of 76 dBA at 7 Meters
  • All Drains End Mounted
  • Automatic Shutdown and Protection System
  • Automatic Blowdown Valve
  • Unloaded Starting
  • Cold Weather Kits
  • Maintenance Kit Contact
  • Vanguard™ Premium Oil (one gallon – four pack)
  • Vanguard™ Premium Oil (five gallon)
  • Vanguard™ Premium Green Oil (one gallon – four pack)
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