A power takeoff (PTO) underdeck system uses the vehicle’s engine to run a variety of Mobile Power Solutions® and accessories. PTOs are mechanical gearboxes that attach to the SAE Pad provided on the truck’s transmission. These gearboxes are used to transfer the power of the vehicle’s engine and transmission to drive auxiliary components. Common items that use PTO underdeck systems for drive power are:

  • Hydraulic systems to power a crane
  • Aerial
  • A tool circuit
  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Water pumps
  • Sprayer systems
  • Snowplows
  • Dump bodies
  • Refuse equipment and more

How Does a PTO Work?

A PTO generates power by meshing its input gear with one of the gears in the vehicle’s transmission. Thus, rotation developed by the engine drives the transmission, which turns the PTO gear and rotates the PTO output shaft. The compressor’s input shaft connects to the PTO output shaft by a driveline. What can a PTO gearbox drive?

  • Generator
  • Hydraulic
  • Water pump and more

The Vanair® Difference

Vanair® underdeck rotary screw compressor and multi-drive systems provide you with the exceptional power your crew needs to get the job done– when and where they need it. Using a single PTO opening from the truck’s manufacturer, these systems provide up to 300 CFM of compressed air power, AC electric power, hydraulic power, or any combination of all three.

At half the cost of a tow-behind compressor, Vanair’s PTO underdeck systems mount out of sight (under the vehicle). In other words, underdeck mounting leaves the towing hitch free for other equipment and opens the truck bed for storage space. Thus, wherever your truck is, the underdeck compressor will always be on the jobsite and ready to work. Additionally, Vanair® PTO underdeck systems are Tier 4F compliant, reduce lifecycle costs, and cut the overall vehicle curb weight. This reduced weight results in a much higher payload capacity. Vanair’s underdeck systems are available in both shaft and hydraulically driven designs. When you consider these benefits, why settle for anything less than a Vanair® PTO underdeck system?