Vanair®, your strategic resource Mobile Power Solutions® provider, is proud to release the EPEQ® WELDER140. When you need Clean, Quiet, Power™ in a smaller, smarter, and portable package, look no further than the new EPEQ® Electrified Power Equipment® product lineup. The Vanair® EPEQ® WELDER140 is a portable 140A, CC stick welder that offers the flexibility of a lithium-powered battery with hot start for easier welding, which is capable of welding 12-15 electrodes at full charge. It has two charge modes: 1.5 hour fast charge and 3-4 hours standard charge. The entire lightweight, 34 lb. welder and cables can be carried for light and fast repair jobs in the field.

“Customers have been amazed at the power, flexibility, and mobility that the EPEQ® WELDER has been able to offer in such a lightweight package,” said Chip Jones, EPEQ®  Electrified Power Equipment®  Strategic Accounts Manager for Vanair®.

EPEQ® WELDER140 Performance and Features:

  • Lithium Powered Welder Containing Internal BatteryEPEQ WELDER140 on a semi
  • CC Welding Capabilities
  • Capacity: 140A Stick Welder
  • Size: Lightweight Design at 34 lbs.
  • Duty Cycle: 20% 140A; 50% 110A; 100% 80A
  • Dimensions: 18.3” L x 7.6” W x 14.9” H
  • Clean, Quiet Operation
  • User-friendly for Quick Repair Jobs
  • Portable; Ability to Carry the Entire Welder and Cables

End-to-End System Delivering Clean, Quiet, Power™

EPEQ® is a comprehensive, patent-pending, end-to-end system offering 100% of the components needed for a complete green technology system. The EPEQ® series is the solution for those customers choosing to operate their equipment on the job site with zero emissions and significantly reduced: noise, heat, weight levels, equipment maintenance costs, and overall vehicle life-cycle costs. The EPEQ® line of proprietary developed products consists of the: ELiMENT® Battery, Smart Controller, electric motor-driven and oil-free air compressors, electric-hydraulic power, AC power inverters, welder, Level 1 and 2 EV charging, idle mitigation, electric driven underdecks, electric driven abovedecks, alternators/regulators, and DC-DC converters.

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