Heavy Duty Starting Equipment Battery Powered Permanent Mount on Service Trucks

Super Boost•All® with Protect•All® Safety Technology is designed to be mounted on your service vehicle with 2 or 4 auxiliary jump starting batteries to start 12 or 24 volt vehicles. The auxiliary batteries are charged from the service vehicles electrical system through the internally mounted battery separator.

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Power Source2 or 4 Group 31 batteries
Jump Starting12/24 Volt
Cables25′ 2/0 ga.
Clamps1,000 AMP

Dimensions: 15″ W x 9″ D x 16″ H
Weight: 48 lbs. (with Cables)

  • Kit, AC Charger, Super Boost•All®, 110 V AC Charger
  • Battery Box – Holds (4) Group 31 Batteries (Empty Box)
  • Battery, 12 V AGM Power Cell, Group 31
  • Boost Cables
  • Boost Cable Clamps
  • Welding Cables