The PTO Shaft Driven Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE Power System® is a game-changing innovation that redefines power accessibility for professionals. This revolutionary system offers an impressive six forms of power, positioning it as an indispensable and versatile solution for various needs. The UDSM ALL-IN-ONE Power System® has been ingeniously designed to seamlessly integrate beneath the vehicle chassis, opening cargo space while enhancing overall efficiency.

The UDSM Power System® boasts an impressive 125-185 CFM rotary screw air compressor, a powerful 10kW generator, a 330A welder, 12V-24V-36V battery boosting, 12V-24V-36V battery charging, and up to 30 GPM @ 2000 PSI of hydraulic-driven power. With the streamlined PTO Shaft Driven ALL-IN-ONE Power System® – 125 to 185 CFM, users can now replace six separate pieces of equipment, providing: additional bed space, enhanced maneuverability, reduced maintenance requirements, freed hitch, and an overall reduction in weight, which is truly a game-changer for any job site.

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UDSM ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems®
PTO Shaft Driven ALL-IN-ONE Power System®
Air Compressor
Capacity (CFM)125160185
Air (PSI)100-150100-150100-150
Oil Capacity (Gal.) Initial Fill2.52.52.5

**125 CFM limitation to when welder/generator/boost is active.

Output (Continuous)10 kW
Voltage & Hertz120 or 120/240 & 60 Hz
Speed3600 RPM
Strike Voltage7V-8V
Weld Voltage28V
Output Current Range330A Peak
Duty Cyle (MMA)70%
Optional Wire Feeder36V
Battery Charger
Amperage400 Peak
Voltage12V, 24V, and 36V
Battery Booster
Amperage400 Peak
Voltage 12V, 24V, and 36V
Hydraulic Driven Power
SAE B Pump PadUp to 30 GPM @ 2000 PSI

**Multifunctioning for all makes and models differ. Due to this difference, not all features and functions can be utilized simultaneously.

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