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Air N Arc® 330D ALL-IN-ONE Power System®

Air N Arc® 330 Diesel ALL-IN-ONE Power System®

Releasing December 2023! Vanair®, the leading manufacturer and innovator of Mobile Power Solutions® and Lincoln Electric®, renowned for its world-leading design, development, and manufacturer of arc welding products, have joined forces in a strategic collaboration that leverages the strengths of both companies to bring the next generation of Air N Arc® ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems® to the marketplace. The new Air N Arc® 330 Diesel will have 50% more air power, 43% more electric power, improved jump-starting performance, enhanced features, and now dramatically increased multi-process weld capability, all in an attractive, quieter compact package. Automatic start/stop and engine speed control for fuel savings are other enhanced features of the unit.

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Start.All Jump.Pack 12/24V

Start•All Jump•Pack® 12/24V

The Start•All Jump•Pack® 12/24V offers up to 10,000A of starting power and 166500 joules5s of power, making it capable of jump-starting every type of vehicle and equipment, including: semi-trucks, motorhomes, coaches, buses, mining, agricultural, construction, and vocational equipment.

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EPEQ IM Idle Mitigation

EPEQ® IM Idle Management

EPEQ® IM Idle Management automatically stops and starts your vehicle’s engine while continually operating the vehicle’s HVAC and accessories. The idle management system is the ideal economical solution for fleets with demanding electrical needs as well as for simple idle reduction for fuel and maintenance savings. EPEQ® IM allows the user to operate combustion engine vehicles, while reducing carbon emissions. A great option for those looking to save on fuel, cut engine maintenance, and reduce chassis workload.

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PTO Shaft Driven ALL-IN-ONE Power System®

PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE Power System®

The PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck Power System® boasts an impressive 125-185 CFM rotary screw air compressor, a powerful 10kW generator, a 330A welder, 12V-24V-36V battery boosting, 12V-24V-48V battery charging, and up to 30 GPM @ 2000 PSI of hydraulic-driven power. With this streamlined underdeck system, users can now replace six separate pieces of equipment, providing: additional bed space, enhanced maneuverability, reduced maintenance requirements, freed hitch, and an overall reduction in weight, which is truly a game-changer for any job site.

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