Vanair®, your strategic resource Mobile Power Solutions® provider, is proud to announce the upcoming release of the EPEQ™ Electrified Power Equipment™ product line. Available to customers in the new year, EPEQ is a comprehensive, end-to-end, patent pending system, of zero emission and clean, quiet Electrified Power Equipment™ products. Powered by Vanair’s specifically developed line of ELiMENT™ Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, EPEQ allows you to turn off the vehicle’s engine and run the equipment you need on the jobsite. EPEQ is a fully self-contained and independent system that can be mounted on, or within, combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles, or even on trailers. On electric vehicles, it can either work with the host vehicle’s batteries, or independently.

The EPEQ™ series is the solution for those customers desiring to operate their equipment at the job site with: zero emissions, significantly reduced noise, heat, and weight levels, and to reduce equipment maintenance costs and overall vehicle life-cycle-costs. It is also perfect for van-type vehicles that do not have a PTO or customers who desire to turn their vehicle engine off.

End-to-End System Delivering Clean, Quiet Power™

Each component in the EPEQ™ line is designed and optimized to work within a battery-powered system. For instance, electric motors are designed to operate more efficiently than standard, untuned, electric motors, thereby extending the duration of battery power remaining. The Lithium Iron Phosphate, ELiMENT™ batteries are an industry first, with a one-of-a-kind Battery Management System (BMS) that has the exclusive ability to discharge power while being charged itself. The Smart Control I/O board has proprietary software technology designed to intelligently monitor and control all the components in the EPEQ system. Each component can communicate signals to and from the board allowing battery power supplied to be adjusted based on various factors such as: temperature, heat build-up, duty cycle, assigned function priorities, and power remaining.

The innovative EPEQ line of proprietary developed products consists of: the ELiMENT™ Battery, electric motor-driven air compressors, electric-hydraulic power, AC power inverters, welders, Level 2 EV charging, electric- driven underdecks, electric driven abovedecks, alternators/regulators, and DC-DC converters. Depending on the form of power you need, a single function machine can be ordered or in an “ecosystem” product grouping, which combines all the functions needed for your application. EPEQ™ is the Clean, Quiet, Power™ alternative for: all fleet industries, road construction, heavy moving equipment; mining, municipalities, oil and gas, HVAC, fire, and rescue, marine, RV, recreation, crane, lifting, and light commercial service vehicles.