Powering Fleet Electrification™ is what we do, and we are here to simplify the process for you!

Vanair® offers four common EPEQ® Electrified Power Equipment® ready to go kits with everything you need to start your fleet electrification journey. EPEQ® Kits provide:

  • Clean, Quiet, Power™
  • Zero Fumes, Reduced Emissions, and Idle Mitigation
  • No Extensive Heat Build-up
  • Fuel Cost Savings/ Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Modular to Adapt to Future State Needs


The EPEQ® series for clean, quiet, Mobile Power Solutions® is perfect for: all fleet industries, road construction, heavy moving equipment, mining, municipalities, oil and gas, HVAC, fire/rescue, marine, RV/recreation, crane/lifting, and light commercial vehicles. Ideal for applications such as air, electrical, fluid transfer, and welding. 

Light Duty/ Service and Maintenance Vehicle

The EPEQ® Light Duty/ Service and Maintenance Vehicle Kit has everything you need to electrify your van fleet whether that be for mobile repair service, elevator service, forklift service, and more.

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Medium Duty Service Vehicle

EPEQ® Medium Duty Service Vehicle Kit has everything you need to electrify your service truck.

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Roadside Vehicle Assistance

The EPEQ® Roadside Vehicle Assistance Kit is the perfect solution for Clean, Quiet, Power™ for emergency roadside responders.

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Field Service with Crane Operation

The EPEQ® Field Service and Crane Operation Kit is designed to provide all the electrified power sources, including: air, welding, AC power, and hydraulic power for cranes needed by service vehicles for industries, including equipment rental houses and construction companies.

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